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Prospect Presbyterian Church Home




Prospect Presbyterian Church Preschool


Classes for children ages 2-4


Phone:  704-664-KIDZ


Rev. Joanne Hull, Pastor

Toni Hagerman, Christian Education Director


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The Preschool is an outreach ministry of Prospect Presbyterian Church.

We are guided by the belief that each child is a unique gift of God, worthy of love, respect and encouragement.



Our Mission 


Our program strives to teach the whole child in an age appropriate manner within a Christian environment with attention given to the development of each child.



Our Goals


Encourage a NURTURING environment.


Teach children to RESPECT themselves, others, and to appreciate differences.


Create and maintain a SAFE environment.


Provide resources to SUPPORT the growth of healthy families.


Uphold a LOW student to teacher ratio.


Build and maintain a DEVELOPMENTAL program.


Maintain a HEALTHY environment.


Hire QUALIFIED staff.


Require YEARLY training for our teachers.


Build a STRONG and COOPERATIVE team.


Support the teachers and children as LIFETIME learners